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Want the most beautiful and delicious baked goods on earth? You’ve come to the right place.
My name is Bohlale More and I own/run Pink Mushroom. It’s nothing much but just this small company that loves to make crafty cakes and other sorts of delicious baked goods. Back in 2013 I had this amazing idea to take the ordinary and make it look out of this world and even more; have fun while doing it. that was the moment that changed my life. I love what I do. That’s is why my goal is to not only produce top notch quality for my versatile clientele but to create work that is downright trendy, easy to look at and above all else just absolutely delicious.
So come to me for all your cake needs and I promise to wow you.


What I actually do

Baked goods (Absolutely to die for!)
Platters (For all your small party needs)
Personalised Party Packs (Which kid doesn’t like those?)
Celebration/ Themed Cakes & Cupcakes (Really good at that.)
Desserts (Yummy)
Catering (For all your Big Party Needs)